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    Get List of Customers from API


      Hi there all,


      Is there a way to get a list of the Customers through the API in the same way as you can get from the Search Asset web page?

      I am trying to list all the assets for a specific Customer, I want to be able to select the Customer that is stored in WHD, then obtain a list of all the assets that are associated with them.

      Essentially the same as searching for assets and using the Customer as the search condition, but programatically.


      I want to be able to perform this in a two stage way, first get a list of the Customers stored in WHD, second list the assets for the selected customer.


      I have read through the API reference guide and can see how to get a list of Clients. however, I cannot see a way to get a list of just the Customers.


      Many thanks for any guidance you can offer.


      Best Regards,