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    Error installing 3rd party installs


      I have just started to test PatchManager (SCCM Integration) and have been having an issue installing these updates.

      Update has been downloaded, deployment package has been updated and deployed to a test collection.

      On my test collection, I do see the update available, however when I try to install it, it fails.


      The error in updatesdeployment.log is showing the "Failed to get update (Site_EE84065E-0872-49E2-A917-86E0A1345F5E/SUM_1e403b34-a163-4f04-8026-8f688ffeec1d) Article Id, error = 0x87d00215"


      has anyone else encountered the issue?


      My test update is an out of box 7-zip install [7-zip 16.04 (x64)].


      Any help would be much appreciated.