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    We are having high memory/cpu wait for a query




      As per below screenshots, it says the parses are equal to no. of executions. is it referring to hard parse or soft parse?


      how can we try to reduce the memory/cpu wait which is huge for this particular query











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          Full Table Scan - as the DPA Advice says, probably first thing to look at is whether there are any suitable indexes?  If so, are the table and index statistics up to date?

          If not, can you add a new index or modify an existing index?

          Can the SQL be re-written to be more efficient?

          Have you checked the execution plan?


          It doesn't seem to be bringing lots of data back, so the inefficiency of scanning the entire table to return 1-2 rows per execution is going to be costly (even though it averages about 0.4 seconds per execution).