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    VNQM Query


      Hi Team,


      Customer Video Infrastructure is on Cisco , the voice infrastructure is on Skype for Business.

      The primary purpose of VNQM deployment was to get the Data Jitter information for the Network.

      So let us know if independent of the Voice monitoring, can we get the Data Jitter Information for the Network in general using VNQM.



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          VNQM doesn’t actually monitor the Video infrastructure and doesn’t support Skype for Business yet.

          What you could do is to setup NPM, define custom pollers in UnDP and poll for the Data Jitter information from the Cisco devices.

          There are some SAM templates available in thwack community to monitor Skype for Business.

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            As reemap says, if your goal is to monitor Skype servers themselves, you need to do it with something other than VNQM, like SAM (which used to be called APM):


            Skype for Business in SAM


            sdonovan has this post:

            Skype for Business 2015 (Front-End Role)


            When you setup an IP SLA jitter operation on VNQM, it actually configures IP SLA on your routers to generate traffic and measure it as it goes from router to router. For jitter, It simulates the audio traffic with UDP packets. So it's biggest application for jitter is if you have your own WAN. The layer 2 switch infrastructure between servers and local clients contributes very little to jitter, because packet timings are almost always in the <1msec range. This could change if you have security devices between L2 segments, though. In that case, you would need to setup IP SLA on a router behind the security device. We can run audio and video through ASAs with no problem.


            I googled a bit, but didn't see evidence that Skype/Lync servers themselves have built in support for IP SLA. But it's the kind of thing that could be hidden. If Skype servers do support IP SLA, VNQM does not support it at this time.


            Skype for Business Server: Ports and protocols for internal servers


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