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    ServiceNow integration errors


      Hello everyone,


      I'm having an issue with integration between solarwinds NPM (v.12) and ServiceNow (Fuji).

      Well, to the issue...

      When we connect the instance we get presented with the green status up symbol. All ok.

      However if i try to test the connection, i get "Connection successfully verified" 50% of the times. And the other 50% i get "


      • User 'SOLARWIN' does not have enough permissions for setting up the integration.   » See details
      - User has insufficient access rights 'Write, Create' for table 'incident'. Required access rights are 'Read, Write, Create'.


      However I have followed the installation guide, adding x_sow_intapp.integration_user role to the role list with web service access only.


      The result is that I cannot create the ServiceNow alert:
      SW 2.png

      Anyone encountered this?



        • Re: ServiceNow integration errors

          I think i've pretty much figured this one out myself.


          Apparently we're using a modified installation of servicenow that havn't got the "web access role" user defined. So we needed to manually assign everything that was needed.

          I've got my initial tests working as of connectivity. Still awating the create incident feature however. Will update during the day...