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    SNMPv3 and Nutanix via NPM


      So we just fired up some Nutanix boxes and I've been trying to get them to talk to me and tell me their secrets in SolarWinds but seem to be striking out. I created the SNMPv3 credential, saved it, set up SNMP on the Nutanix boxes, and ran a custom network discovery targeting the IP range of them and... nothing.


      When I include ICMP only devices I can discover and add them, but that's of course not what I'm after here. The best resources I found covering this are this article:




      and this article:


      rtpChris.com: Testing SNMP in Nutanix


      My environment is set up just like these articles outline, however I'm unable to get SolarWinds and the Nutanix devices to play nice with each other. Anyone else monitoring Nutanix that can lend a hand here?

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          I'll go ahead and answer my own question now... turns out when you're pointing network discovery at the IPs of the ESX hosts and not the CVMs you get the wrong results. Fancy that.


          Those two links are still good resources for someone looking to set this all up so hey, this thread isn't a total loss!