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    Alert Central SMS ACK being picked up as alert?


      Hi there.


      I am attempting to configure a new Alert Central setup to notify group members via SMS. I'm using an Android phone on Verizon.


      When validating this notification source using SMS, I've been having problems with the validation being picked up as an Alert. I will receive the validation text, but when I respond with "validate", it will show up as new alert. I can resolve this by manually validating the number in the user settings. But this problem still persists with Alerts. When manually creating test alerts, I am unable to Ack the alert from my phone. I read in another post that you're supposed to use "NID[#alertnumber]" before responding, Here is a screenshot of what happens when I try that. g94GuG7.png?1


      When I just respond "ack" it comes up as a new alert in Alert Central. Is this a bug?