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    Should emailed reports include an actual attachment or just a url?


      I have a stupid question that I just can't find an answer on.  I need to know for certain how the report scheduler is designed to work.  If I'm using the report scheduler and want to generate a report and send an email should the report arrive in my inbox as an attachment?  I just upgraded to NPM12 thinking that I had a bug in 11.5 and I'm still seeing the same stuff. 


      Instead of receiving an attachment I am receiving a link to the report. 


      I've include a screenshot of the settings I have for this particular issue.


      Here is my email body and it is the same message as it was prior to upgrading to NPM12.


      The attached report provides details on current space usage for each volume being monitored in Solarwinds for ClientXYZUnable to retrieve url: https://www.xyz:443.com/Orion/Report.aspx?ReportID=803 using CSV type.Unable to retrieve url: https://www.xyz.com:443/Orion/Report.aspx?ReportID=803 using Excel type.