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    10.2 RC


      I just saw 10.2 RC1 in the Portal; any release notes?

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          edit: Appears that there are release notes here:



          I had an email in my inbox this morning, with the details on the RC, but the main points seemed to be (copy and pasted from the email):


          Important: Before you upgrade!

          • Java™ version:
                 DPA 10.2 requires JRE 1.8. If you have configured DPA to use an external JRE, DPA will verify it is version 1.8 or later. If it isn't, DPA will use the JRE included in the install.
          • Integration with Orion®: If DPA is installed on the same server as SAM or NPM, please see this KB for special upgrade instructions.

          New Sizzle Just for You

          • Detailed blocking and locking analysis – SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle®, ASE®
            • New Top Blocking and Top Waiters tabs help you quickly identify which queries are causing the most blocking, impacting performance.
            • Root blocker data identifies top of the chain.
          • Idle blockers - SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ASE
            • Track last known activity before the transaction went idle.
          • Deadlock support (SQL Server only)
            • DPA provides alerts when deadlocks occur and identifies total victim impact.
          • Support for SQL Server 2016 – monitor SQL Server 2016 and use it as a DPA repository
          • More DPA repository options - MySQL or MySQL RDS
          • AD®/LDAP Configuration Wizard
          • Tomcat® 8 and Java 1.8
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              I've just done the upgrade, and had one issue so far:


              The windows firewall rule wasn't updated to point at tomcat8.exe, it still had tomcat6.exe, so unable to remotely connect to the web service.


              (note there are two rules to update, one for UDP and one for TCP, not sure why it needs UDP listening permissions...)


              Also deadlock detection needs to be enabled, but handily it asks if you want to enable it the first time you click on the deadlock tab.

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                  Chris - other than the firewall issue, any other problems with the upgrade?  Once you've had a chance to play around with the new release, would love to have a quick chat to get your feedback.