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    New to Solarwinds


      Hi all, I am a new user to Solarwinds - I have a 2008 VM server with Solarwinds NPM12 installed, tied into GNS3 with 8 routers 4 switches and a few servers. All working fine.

      Solarwinds is indeed a powerful tool very impressed so far - planning on using this lab setup to go through the SCP asap.


      However I have been given 3X Dell PowerEdge servers to be used for Solarwinds & Tasked with moving an existing VM solarwinds to the 3 previously mentioned PowerEdge servers.

      These servers I'm lead to believe have bear bones server 2012 in preparation for SW.


      Any suggestion on where to start? What would each server be used for? Application/DB and backup?


      Is there a guide somewhere for utilising all 3 servers for this and what needs to be installed on what?


      Sorry if this is a bit vague, talk about baptism by fire!