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    NCM config download / Start job timeout


      Hello Thwack-Community!


      I do have the latest NCM installed (Orion Platform 2016.1.5200, NCM 7.5, NPM 12.0) and I am currently able to download all configs manually.

      Under NCM network configuration, I select all nodes, click on download and after approx. after 5 minutes every config is successfully downloaded.


      However: The  automatic job which runs daily does not download configs because he results in the following error for all devices:


      ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Start job timeout


      Job details

      The job itself is the type "download configs from devices"

      "All nodes" is selected in the section for which configs should be downloaded

      Please select config file types to download from selected devices (selected is running and startup)


      Under the NCM, the value for "SNMP Config Transfer Timeout" is set to 10 minutes.


      Maybe you guys have a helpful hint for me.