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    Orion database hierarchy & Grouping Assistance


      This question is likely going to take someone with extreme patience to answer...


      I am basically trying to do the following:

      1. Create a group (parent) not sure I am using the correct terminology, for all my SQL servers.
      2. Once my SQL Servers are in the group defined in 1. I need a custom property.
      3.           a. MachineType - I am thinking basically an enum table to define the machines instead of an individual Boolean property for IsSQL, IsExchange etc...
      4. To that Parent, i need to expose the following properties to alert on. Volume properties (Fixed Disk, Percent used) etc... Node Properties (Is up, is down), and the custom property mentioned. This should have the mapping table i was talking about. So for thread sake lets assume ID 1 = SQL Server Machines that should be exposed to the parent as well. For alerting reasons. The main goal is reporting by segregated machine type. 


      Now here comes the tricky part for me. Our SQL server machines were imported using the DPA association wizard so my NPM is aware they exist. If I run the following query:

      FROM orion.dbo.DPA_DatabaseInstanceData
      --take the values it returns and then run
      SELECT *
      FROM dbo.NodeData 
      WHERE NodeID IN (--results of query 1) --yes i know i could do that in a single query just exploring the db :) 


      I get node information. I can also join the volume table on node id and get information there as well.


      I cannot seem to add the properties from multiple objects (node & volume & custom property) to the sql server "group" I am creating. If someone can show me how to do it, I would like to be able to do it both through the GUI and the SQL database (more important). I think this one time walk through will help me better grasp the relationships in the Orion database, and what happens to things when you connect tools together.



      As always any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance to whoever takes time out of their day to explain this to me.