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    Cirrus Policy Manager Feature Request

      I would like to see a few enhancements of the Policy Management Reporter within Cirrus.

      1. The option to set the type of configuration file at the Report level - global to all Policies within the report.
      2. A fith option for selecting the configuration file: Running, Startup, Baseline, Any, Specific Date
        • The ability to run comparision reports for a set of configuration files
      3. The ability to copy Rules and Policies instead of creating new only
      4. Option to turn on Rules and Policies detail as a report appendix
        • Also export - compliance auditors always want the fine details for documentation.
      5. A larger sample of rules and policies--especialy for ACL management.
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          How about some way of automating the process that for instance you have a policy configured and within Cirrus theres an option to run the policy against the configs that are being downloaded at the time and for a report to be e-mailed out with a list of failures.

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              Thank you for taking the time to provide great feature requests!!!  These requests have been documented and will be evaluated for future releases. 

               We love to hear what our customers would like to see in future releases so keep them coming.

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                  We have a couple features that we'd like to see in the NCM Policy reporter.  We are currently running v5.1.1 so if these features are in 5.5, please let me know.  I expect we'll be upgraded within the month.  First, we'd like the column headings to freeze at the top so when your scrolling through a long report, the nodes and policy violations are shown and you don't have to keep scrolling up to verify your looking at the right policy violation column.  The second thing is that when reports are exported to excel that all the information is exported.  Right now, when we export to excel, all we see are the devices that have policy violations but we don't see the column headings or the icons representing the violations.