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    un/re-manage multiple nodes


      We've recently upgraded to NPM 11.5 and we really like that you can enable "unmanage objects" permission for a specific account or group. However this does not allow the group or account to unmanage multiple objects. In order to do that one has to go to the manage nodes screen which if you don't have "node management" permission, you are not able to do. Am I missing something? Is there possibly a view view I can build that would allow a user with only "unmanage objects" permission the ability to unmanage or remanage multiple objects?


      In our org, the operations team schedules the maintenance windows based on tasks in change records.  So, naturally we wouldn't want to give those folks node management and have them inadvertently delete a node, etc.  Manage Nodes has a lovely group by category wherein you can group by "maintenance window" this should be available to users that have the unmanage permissions.