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    Juniper Firewalls & Routers ARP Table not polling in IPAM


      Hoping to find an answer to the issue on here with someone that may have done this. I am using IPAM and setting it up to poll and scan subnets that exist off of Juniper SRX and MX devices (firewalls and routers). I can confirm that with the test that the the server has access to the ARP table, but the Juniper device never responds back to the getBulkRequest from the server. I see in a packet capture that the device responds to the initial test when asked for the ARP table with OID Then is proceeds, once saved, to attempt to do the SNMP polling for the full ARP table. It does 3 consecutive getBulkRequests (since it fails to respond) and then quits. From previous troubleshooting, I know there are timeouts and retries that can be set and I have not looked into IPAM to see if it is simply taking longer than IPAM wants. Any insight or advice is welcome.


      EDIT: I also have done an SNMP Walk on the device and I get a full table response so now I am more confused.