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    NTA and L2 Networks


      Does NTA support L2 flow information from devices such as Nexus 5596?

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          Hi fstroud

          The Nexus 5596 does not support NetFlow from what I know. You do still have some options, it just depends on what your use case is and how much detail you want to drill down to.


          The Nexus 5596 does support SPAN ports. You can monitor multiple ports or VLANs. Behind the scenes the switch will take a copy of network packets and send them to a port of your choice. If you just want to get IP addresses and traffic volumes you can install nProbe and connect it to the SPAN port. nProbe will then convert this to NetFlow which can be processed by NTA.


          If you want a bit more detail like usernames\filenames\website names you can look at a commercial tool like LANGuardian which can also connect to a SPAN port. The output of LANGuardian can be integrated with Orion\NTA so you retain a single pane of glass for network monitoring. Demo available at the link below




          Hope this helps


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              Hi Darragh,

              Thanks for your response.

              I will have a look at the products you mention.  I was also looking at gigamon due to the number of 10G ports as part of the setup and having a "visibility fabric" directing traffic to appropriate tool destination but I like your idea of the single pane of glass for networking.