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    Using SWQL / SWQL Custom Resource


      Hello Fellow Thwackers -


      This swql query is about as simple as it can get - I'm just trying to get my feet wet with writing custom resources with SWQL instead of SQL - especially since it offers more options.

      I use the Orion SWIS Query page to test and everything works correctly when I use that page. *YOURORIONSERVER*/Orion/Admin/Swis.aspx

      However when I use the same code in the 'SWQL Custom Resource' - the fields show up with no data.

      I'm assuming I'm just missing something simple here.... Can someone clue me in??






      FROM Orion.Nodes n

      JOIN Orion.NodesCustomProperties (nolock=true) ncp

      ON  n.NodeID = ncp.NodeID



      n.Status = '2'

      Thank you,