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    New One


      this is a question regarding licensing and monitoring setup details:

      I have to setup NPM,NCM,SAM,NTA,SAM ,failover engine and Storage Monitor with enterprise Console for four different geographic location.

      total monitor count :3,20,000

      I am planning for DR setup for each location, let's say if I consider four DC location as A,B,C and D. So I will create my primary instance for all modules including EOC and FOE in  DC A and secondary instance would be DC B. For DC C and D I will install only additional polar. I have to monitor 80k monitor from each DC and DC will be connected over WAN.

      Below are my questions:

      How many licenses would be required?

      what can be the optimized architecture for this implementation?

      Can I install all solarwinds module separately or it should be on the same server?


      Thanks in advance!!!