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    About Renewal License


      I was bought ipMonitor when it was not acquired by Solarwinds yet (November 2006).
      And now when I see the price list of ipMonitor for 5000 monitors licence, it was different to the price when I bought it last year.

      For the information, the license renewal price was given to me at the time I bought it last year is :

      1. For 500 monitors license - $245 USD
      2. For 1000 monitors license - $325 USD
      3. For 1500 monitors license - $375 USD
      4. For 5000 monitors license - $495 USD

      Currently, I need to process licence renewal of ipMonitor as soon as possible.
      Is there anyone knows how much the price of licence renewal for 5000 monitors right now ?
      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,

      Fauzan Azhary
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          Hi Fauzan,

          After the acquisition, we did adjust ipMonitor list prices for a moderate price increase so you may see a moderate increase in your maintenance renewal.   I saw your note to customer support and they should be able to take care of your request.   Let me know if you have any issues getting this processed.