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    IPAM IP Conflicts not displaying


      Just few days ago, I noticed IP conflicts are not being displayed in IPAM any longer.  I tried stop/restarting all services and tried even rebooting the server.  I even reinstalled the IPAM services and removed and re-added the DHCP servers in DHCP management.  But the error displayed is below.  Any help would be great.

      IP Address Conflicts

      Error: A query to the SolarWinds Information Service failed.



      My current versions.

      IPAM 4.3, NCM 7.4, IVIM 2.1.0, QoE 2.0, NPM 11.5.2, NTA 4.1.1, UDT 3.2.2

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          I was able to get this issue resolved with Solarwinds tech support help.  Here is the solution.



          Enable Index Defragmentation



          This is to rebuild indexes of the tables on your solarwinds database.  You can also do it manually if that would not work and let the Nightly database Maintenance to run.



          Go to C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion and review the swdebugmaintenance.log


          Look for the following warning.  I had a bunch, but this is a snippet.


          2016-02-11 12:56:29,566 [1] WARN  SolarWinds.Data.IndexDefragmentation.IndexDefragmenter - Indexes with fragmentation over 90% found during DB maintenance.
          2016-02-11 12:56:29,566 [1] WARN SolarWinds.Data.IndexDefragmentation.IndexDefragmenter - Index IX_InterfaceID on table InterfaceTraffic_Detail_20160210 has fragmentation 99.3311036789298% and should be defragmented.

          You will need to  rebuild the indexes manually.  Use MS SQL management studio to do so.  Will take a while but after its not, everything loads back.

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