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    "Unable to Connect" errors when using Office365 as Email Server


      We use Office365 for our email system here. Quite often, though with seemingly no pattern, I get emails from Web Help Desk telling me:


      Subject:  Error Processing E-Mail



      Unable to connect to the Incoming Mail Account 'webhelpdeskaccount@myinstitution.com' due to the following error:


      "Error while contacting mailbox: The helpdesk was able to make a connection with the Exchange web server, but a timeout occurred while attempting to retrieve the Exchange folder list. Please see FAQ for more information.


      Please send any Exchange-related support questions to exchangesupport@webhelpdesk.info."


      When these error happen, I will get an email every two minutes.  I can login to this Office365 account when this is happening, so the account is not unreachable.  Emails from WebHelpDesk's ticketing system still go out.  I have tried some of the Advanced E-Mail Properties, but they don't seem to help.


      Sometimes when I look at the Email settings, both are green. Sometimes not. Like right now. I'm currently logged into this email account. So I know it is online despite the little red light saying it is not.




      Here are my email settings.  If anyone is using Office365 and NOT getting these errors, I'd love to know how you have these settings configured.