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    Java Heap Size


      Hello -


      I had a user submit a ticket we almost overlooked.  The user had an attachment on the submitted e-mail that was around 160mb, and the HD system reported the error to our HD staff in the Messages section, so we were able to retrieve the email and create a ticket for the issue.  Otherwise this issue would have been missed.


      Our instance of WHD is running on Server 2012R2, 8gb total memory.  In the WHD.conf the memory is set as follows:





      The error message in WHD is:

      The helpdesk was unable to read an email with the subject: "************" in email account *********** due to the following error:


           Java heap space


      Please remove this message from the inbox and, if possible, send it as an attachment to exchangesupport@webhelpdesk.info.


      I'm also going to do as the error message suggested, but maybe someone out there has a solution for this or has seen it before.



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          Even though it says heap space is the plug in WHD uses for Exchange built to handle 150 meg attachment? Most mail system would likely dump an attachment that large at the mail server level.

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              I actually don't know - that's why I came here to see if anyone had any experience or knowledge about this issue, or if anyone can point me to a way to make this "not be missed" in the future.


              I don't want to have it strip all attachments off of incoming e-mails, sometimes they are important....  (same reason I don't want to turn on the e-mail signature filter, sometimes the important bits are below the signature block)


              Turns out I can't e-mail the e-mail to exchangesupport@webhelpdesk.info - the attachment is too big.  :-)

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                  For starters what is the attachment size limit on your mail servers?


                  More importantly what is the max attachment size in WHD? to find this go to setup --> General --> Options and look for the line item Max attachment size. Ours is only set to 10 megs so that would probably dump a 150 meg attachment and this could be a false error. Where its not a heap issue its actually blocking it due to size there just is not a specific error for that in the exchange plug in. If that's the case I would try to send a file just larger than your threshold and see if you get the same error in the logs if you do, open a ticket with SW and see fi they can add a proper message in a future release.


                  I agree with not stripping all attachments if users are allowed to open new tickets by email however it seems unlikely a user would legitimately need to send a 150 meg attachment with a ticket.

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                      I'm investigating the size limit in Exchange, and getting a grip on that, so no worries there.  It was crashing my local copy of Outlook when I was trying to retrieve this super-sized e-mail.


                      According to WHD, the attachment size limit in the main options was 10mb.  So that explains that part, thank you for taking a look.  Wish it had said "exceeds maximum attachment size" or something helpful, but no worries.  My main concern is the almost missed ticket - it needed a sense of urgency as it was a client facing issue.


                      I'm currently testing to see if changing the size limit in the General -> Options resolves the issue - atleast allows the ticket to be created.  If service desk staff need to go strip off attachments at a later date, then that's completely do-able.


                      Thanks Typhoon for pointing me in the correct direction!

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                        Typhoon -


                        I adjusted the attachment limit in WHD to 200 MB (who on earth would need to send a 200MB attachment?) and still received the fail message when WHD tried to process the e-mail after a restart.


                        The attachment in question was a video file she was unable to open and needed a codec installed on her system so she could open the video and insert it into a powerpoint presentation.  Would have been just as simple for her to link it somewhere and let us access it that way but she decided to attach it to a helpdesk ticket via e-mail.


                        I'm stumped at this point as to where the issue lies, other then putting a limit on attachments in the exchange server to basically prevent this from happening in the future.



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                            I would open a ticket with soalrwinds but it is possible the exchange plug in was just not tested with a file that large??


                            Changing the exchange server limits is probably good something like maybe 30 or 40 meg tops being something to consider reasonable. The other option could be testing if you can upload a document that large from the web instead of over email creation.