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    How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds


      I have compiled this page of folks that I have recently discussed customizations with and have led me to others.  wluther started a list on a couple of his posts and I thought I would expand upon it just a bit.  Then I asked rschroeder about a few things and he lead me to more.  Again a list was developing.  I have not had time to ask cnorborg about more regex stuff but I am sure he has some excellent ideas and some teaching points to share.  As I find more helpful posts for my use, I will reference them here.  Please follow&bookmark this page, if this would be a helpful resource for you.


      I would like to thank all of you here for your contributions.





      If you like what these what Thwack Stars have created please like their post/content.  Additions and modification are always welcome because things do change.  Except for the Monitoring 101 reference there is no order of importance.





      If you are here you must have just visited:  Welcome to Solarwinds...........

      Feel free to try some of these custom scripts/reports.  If you do try, in order to help the community if you could be RATE the customization based on difficulty of implementation and documentation.  wluther is putting some touches on a community based rating system and will have it posted here.


      Here is a post from a recent newcomer I wanted to share with you. 

      SolarWinds/Orion/Thwack Thoughts, Questions, and Hurdles



      Maintenance and Health Checks

      Orion MVP Maintenance Procedures

      Basic Solarwinds Orion Troubleshooting guide - GoldTipu

      My Orion Website & Server is very slow / CPU & Memory Spike /Polling gaps what should i check quickly ?  - GoldTipu


      Server and Application (SAM) Must have link.

      Server & Application Monitor Master Application Directory



      For interested in getting Solarwinds Certified, there is a link from cal.smith

      SolarWinds Certified Professional Launch



      For those that are interested in High Availability, I am working on this page here for your single source of information.

      High Availability - What's Up?

      High Availability Group 

      For Advanced Users: The Adventurous




      Needing some NetFlow

      SolarWinds Flow Tools Bundle Quick Reference Guide

      The Flow Tool Bundle is Here!



      From wluther and his content is HERE


      Adding Custom Tabs To The Top Level Nav Bar

      Custom User Links, Modified User Links Resource

      SWQL Custom Views Manager

      Custom Query Resources, Increased Default Workspace

      Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource

      Custom SWQL VM Manager

      Custom SWQL Views Manager

      Custom SWQL Views Manager Resource

      Custom Node & Polling, Combined Details Resource


      Custom Graphing: Fun With Highcharts

      The Query: Retrieving, Formatting, And Storing The Data

      Simple Charts I: Graphing A Single Metric On A Single Element Over A Period Of Time


      Building Simple PerfStack Templates With SWQL

      Building Simple PerfStack Project Lists With SWQL

      Using PowerShell To Automatically Provision A Series Of Graphs Per View

      Adjusting Pages To Display More Stuff



      From osborne_graham and his content is HERE

      Dark Theme In a Day

      Grays Sock (Solarwinds Orion Colourising Kit)



      From Gob and his content is HERE



      Utility for ping host by URL

      Event summary. Filtered. NPM10.6

      How long each Node or Interface was down. NPM_v.10.6

      Causes of Cisco Reboot

      A lot of reports for BGP/LDP/CryptoTun neighbors state/flaps



      From hcy01uk and his content is HERE


      Integrate Google Charts with Solarwinds reports/view, A Pie chart example

      Alert Prioritising Dashboard (SWQL) for Problematic Nodes (Servers)

      List Resources Custom resource for NPM summary page

      Alert Prioritising Dashboard (SWQL) with Alert Time and Acknowledge Status

      Current Report - List All Non- UP Status Applications with alert time and acknowledge status



      From alexslv and his content is HERE


      How To Use SAM to Monitor VMWare For Old/Rogue Snapshots

      Know Your Routing Neighbours

      Automatically Update World Map Points Based On Custom Property Value

      The Magic Of SQL Scripts: Do What Counts, Don't Count What You Do



      From rschroeder and his content is HERE


      How to create a simple custom view of multiple interfaces' bandwidth utilization

      How to trim, remove, or truncate domain names discovered and displayed in NPM 11.5.2 and NCM 7.4



      From jp and his content is HERE


      Cisco speed/duplex counters (For SQL report)



      From cnorborg and his content is HERE


      Search Job Output

      All IP Addresses on a node - potential replacement resource


      Steel Belted Radius Server for Windows APM Monitor Template

      REGEX - https://www.cheatography.com/davechild/cheat-sheets/regular-expressions/

      REGEX - Regex Tester and Debugger Online - Javascript, PCRE, PHP



      From CourtesyIT

      Everything DISA STIGs for your Network

      How to create an UnDP for your devices using Solarwinds Orion.pdf

      How to Use the Compliance Feature in Solarwinds.pdf



      Custom Poller - Palo Alto Firewalls HA Status

      How to integrate Solarwinds Offline Help Files




      From sean.martinez and his content HERE


      Setup SSL and Enable Smart Card (CAC/PKI) User Authentication for Orion Web Console




      From goodzhere and his content is HERE


      Cisco Password and SNMPv3 Credentials Update Template for NCM

      Cisco 3800/3900 IOS Upgrade NCM Template

      Cisco UCS Disk Drive Status

      ASA IOS Transfer using SCP

      NetApp Filer NFS Volume Create NCM Template



      From adatole and his content is HERE


      Packing Light: Thin Provisioning with GNS3 and NPM

      GNS3 sample network

      GNS3 to SolarWinds NPM Integration Guide



      From pparsaie via the following thread:


      how to pull unmanaged  nodes report in solar winds



      From m-milligan and his content is HERE.


      Group status bullseye style charts



      From piharrison and his content is HERE:


      SolarWinds High Availability - HA - In a WAN Environment!!!


      From nickzourdos and his content is HERE:

      How to trigger compliance reports with alerts

      "Long Time" for your Events Summary page



      From mesverrum and his content is HERE:

      Someone please set me straight


      Node Downtime with Duration and Minimum Length Fi...

      Node Summary Report with Interfaces, Volumes, App...



      From tomiannelli and his content is HERE:

      PerfStack Custom Colors




      NetPath Services Quick References:


      NetPath™ - Video

      NetPath requirements

      NetPath: PercentPortClosed 100% is over the critical threshold 25%




      Regular Expression Short-Cuts

      Regular Expression Pattern Matching

      Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Regular Expressions in NCM But Were Afraid to Ask