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    Thin AP Down Alert Assitance


      MY company wanted to alert on "Down" AP's. Fortunately for me there was an out-of-box alert for this. I made a couple of modifications to cater to my environment and tested it and put it in play. The alert works just fine EXCEPT that when the Wireless Lan Controller(WLC) goes into an "Unmanaged" state it sends out a down alert for all its connected AP's. This is becoming annoying because there is a reason that we are "Unmanaging" devices. I have tried to make adjustments to the alert, unfortunately my testing has not been so successful, can someone please provide some insight?


      Below is a screenshot of the alert that continues to alert when the WLC is unmanaged.


      AP alert2.JPG


      Below is my attempt at solving that problem by trying to add in that the "Node" with "Wireless" in its name must be in an up state to trigger this alert


      AP alert1.JPG