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    Custom Ticket Fields - Trigger Requirment


      I don't see this available but would be happy to find out it is and I just don't know how to do it.  I would like to link custom fields together.  Here is a real world scenario, if I want someone to submit a request for a mobile phone, i want to create a custom field called New/Upgrade and based on what they select make another customer field called "Mobile Phone Number."   If they select "Upgrade" on the first custom field i would like for them to have the field "Mobile Phone number" required.

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          It is not currently possible to link one custom field to another or make one appear based on the selection made in a different custom field.  

          You also can't determine whether a custom field is required based on the chosen selection of another custom field.


          The way it is typically handled is by defining/Nesting the Request Types and adding custom fields to the specific Request Types that make sense.


          e.g. You could have two different Request Types like this:

          • IT Request -> Mobile Phone -> New                        <- with "Preferred Phone Vendor" custom field associated
          • IT Request -> Mobile Phone -> Upgrade                   <- with "Current Mobile Phone Number" and "Current Phone Vendor" custom fields associated
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            As kellytice mentioned, it is not currently possible. I have a similar situation that would make our workflow much more user friendly.


            This feature request is available to vote for as well. You can vote here.