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    Obtaining Aggregated Baseline Performance Data


      Hello Thwack!


      We are in the planning stages of running a test case of our production workload in our brand new NSX environment and want to compare metrics from that test in vSphere 6 to current performance markers within our older vSphere environment. I am trying to rationalize and obtain data from SRM/NPM/QOE/NTA to get metrics such as server-to-server bw/latency stats, server-to-internet bw/latency stats, disk io rates from our storage system, overall cpu/memory usage, session creation/destruction rates, etc etc etc. I am used to viewing this sort of data on a per-VM or per-host or per-volume basis, but I am unfamiliar with how to export that data in general and aggregate it in useful ways that I can present to my peers. Is there any white papers, Solarwinds provided guidelines, threads on thwack, or any links for best practices or guides in how to do this? This would be the first time I get to use this Solarwinds environment to validate a large project we are working on and I am excited with the data I have - it's just a matter of exporting/showing it.