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    Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization shows no data.


      Hello everyone. I am having no data show up in my Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization resource in the Top 10 section of NPM. The other Top 10 resources are showing data, including Top 10 Interfaces by Traffic. I tried creating a custom filter for it (Vendor = 'Windows'), like was suggested in this post: Re: Top 10 Nodes by Percent Packet Loss Blank. That did not help in my case. I see no data with the filter set, nor without it. I tried restarting the physical server and my wireless access point showed up there for two days, but no other devices. Then nothing again. I have recently upgraded NPM to 11.5.2, but I honestly don't know if this was an issue before that or not. I may not have noticed.

      Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?