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    Getting Started with NTA


      Here is my initial ASR1004 Configuration for Netflow.


      flow record SW-NTA

         match ipv4 protocol

         match ipv4 source address

         match ipv4 destination address

         match transport source-poort

         match transport destination-port

         match interface input

         match interface input snmp

         match interface output snmp

         collect itnerface output

         collect counter bytes

         collect counter packetes


      flow exporter Solarwinds-1

         description Export flows to Solarwinds NTA

         destination    ------> Solarwinds Server

         transport udp 2055


      flow monitor FLOW-MONITOR-SW

         exporter Solarwinds-1

         cache timeout inactive 10

         cache timeout active 5

         record SW-NTA



      Interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0

         ip flow monitor FLOW-MONITOR-SW input

         ip flow monitor FLOW-MONITOR-SW output



      On my Solarwinds Server - NTA Section


      Netflow Source Box

      Device and Interface have been selected.



      Not sure where to go from here to start to recieve flow information.  Still digging on community posts.