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    Errors with Cisco IronPort (Powershell) Template


      I deployed the Cisco IronPort (PowerShell) Application template to monitor two different IronPort devices in our environment, but the monitors return multiple script errors on both devices. The errors occur about once per hour. Sometimes less, sometimes more; but they are consistent.


      As far as I can tell, any one of the five components can cause of of these two errors:


      "PowerShell script error. Scripting Error: Script does not contain the expected parameters or is improperly formatted. 'Total_CPU', 'Email_Security_Appliance_CPU', 'Reporting_CPU', 'Quarantine_CPU', 'RAM', 'Disk_IO', 'Logging_Disk' missing"


      "The return code is different than expected. Testing on node '[IP Address Removed]' failed with 'Down' status ('Down' might be different if script exits with a different exit code). Failed to get status page. Error: The '=' operator failed: Index was outside the bounds of the array.."


      If I manually re-poll the application, then the error goes away - every time.


      I am not too familiar with PowerShell - I only dabble. Can someone help me interpret the error messages so that I can troubleshoot the issue? Thanks in advance for any help!