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    Migrating Orion to VM servers - Need some advice on server sizing


      I'm in the process of migrating physical servers to VMs, and with my Orion setup I'm assuming things might be better if split up onto multiple VM servers.  Can anyone give me some ideas of what applications should be separated into their own VMs, and how I should size those?


      I currently have the below Solarwinds products installed on a single HP server with a 2.4Ghz processor and 36Gb of RAM:

      Network Performance Monitor

      Network Configuration Manager

      Server & Application Monitor

      IP Address Manager

      VOIP and Network Quality Manager

      Database Performance Analyzer

      Netflow Traffic Analyzer

      Patch Manager

      Web Helpdesk


      I know I should put the database on its own VM, but are the rest of the apps okay to be installed together, or should any others be separate as well?  I currently have an SL500 license for NPM but will most likely be bumping up to SL2000 within the next 12 months, the actual amount of monitored nodes will most likely be around 1000. 


      Would a quad core server with 8Gb of RAM be enough for the application servers, or is that more of a minimum spec?  How should the SQL server be sized?  Should Web Helpdesk be on its own VM?