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    Multi-server Architecture


      Hello, I have been using several of the solorwinds products for years, however, I've never had multiple servers (separating NPM/NCM/SAM...etc). My current setup is a single server with NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM, VNMQ, but we are now destroying the server with all of the polling. I have created a new architecture with NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM, Syslog all on separate servers. Everything is installed and ready to go and I'm transferring nodes, but my question is how do I integrate all of the modules? I understand the IPAM is separate always (which I hate), and NCM you have to run the integration piece, but in order to get to the other modules I have to open a new window to navigate to the other server. Also, how do I integrate the separate Syslog into the node view? Does EOC pull all of that together? I feel like this is a new user question and I consider myself a fairly advanced users haha.

      Im hoping I just missed something easy.


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          I'm not sure it is good idea to spin up so many servers and lose the value of having all in a single platform? Have you determined what is inadequate on the existing server? Is it cpu, memory, disk io? Is the sql server on a different machine?

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            I don't believe there is a way to integrate the modules with them all installed on different systems.  Like HolyGuacamole asked; what is the concern or limitation with having them all on a single server? 


            With the specific modules you mentioned you shouldn't see any huge resource conflicts unless you are doing a ton of polling in which case you probably need an additional polling engine.  You may also consider an additional web server if you have more than a few people using a web UI.  The last thing I would recommend is just making your database is on a separate sever and that you give it as much resources as you have available; specifically memory and fast disks on a RAID optimized for high I/O.


            I hope this helps!

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                I completely scratched all of that. after further investigation, it's not even possible without separate DBs. At this point we are going with single server (beefy) with NPM, NCM, SAM and VNMQ, with several APEs tied together with 2 clustered SQL servers (beefy), SYSLOG and additional web. I was just concerned with saturating the single server and I have the resources to use (virtual environment).


                I've read "several thousands of elements" with the recommended specs, but my current single server is exhausted. . I'll let you know how it goes.