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    Is there a way to make bulk request or reduce the over all invoke time for Unmanage and Remanage operations using the PowerShell SDK?


      I am currently working on adding node monitoring suspension to an existing C# based tool we used to suspending alerting for our various system monitoring solutions.


      This tool is designed to be a single point UI where users can suspend alerting of any of our monitoring systems.


      I have recently attempting to use the Orion REST APIs to suspend node, could not get the calls to work with the current users Windows credentials (even if they manually entered the network credentials). So I have reverted to using the PowerShell SDK passing the -Trusted switch in the connection settings.


      This has allowed me to integrate the Unmanage and Remanage invoke operations into our tool. However, during testing I have noticed it takes about 30 seconds to suspend a single node. We currently have 270 nodes defined, so suspending them all would take about 2 and a half hours.


      Even suspending a relative small subset of 20 nodes would take 10 minutes.


      I attempted to add multi threading to my process calls, but this did not improve performance, leading me to believe there is some kind of gating on the server side.


      When I look over the SDK documentation I found some methods provide the ability to make bulk requests but I did not find a way to do that for Unmanage or Remanage processes.


      Does anyone know of a way to make bulk Unmanage/Remanage requests using the PowerShell SDK?


      Is anyone aware of other ways to improve the performance of these operations?