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    What is the GroupType of Supernets??




      I created a report using the following query:

      select * from IPAM_Group g

      join IPAM_GroupAttrData d on g.GroupId = d.GroupId

      where g.GroupType='8'

      order by d.Site, d.Category;


      we had to try out a few times until we found out that GroupType=8 are subnets, otherwise dhcp-servers,folders,… were displayed in the report as well!

      But we don't only want to see usual subnets but also supernets, but we can't find out what GroupType-where clause we need to use!

        • Re: What is the GroupType of Supernets??

          You may see the details of Each group type in IPAM_GroupType table

          Pasting the IPAM_grouptype table information below


          GroupTypeId    GroupType   

          1    Root   

          2    Group

          4    Supernet 

          8    Subnet   

          16    Internal 

          32    DHCP Server   

          64    DHCP Scope  

          128    IPv6 Global Prefix   

          256    IPv6 Site   

          512    IPv6 Subnet   

          1024    Dns Server 

          2048    Dns Zone

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