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    STM/SRM upgrade, which upgrade path from STM?



      We just recently upgraded Orion NPM and Storage Manager to the latest versions available -- 11.5.2 for NPM, and 6.1.0 for Storage Manager.  Now we'd like to take advantage of the direct integration of Storage Manager in Orion.  Currently, we still have Storage Manager on its own server, and use the Storage Manager Integration plugin installed in Orion where it adds the tab to the console, but it's just the link.  We'd like the full integration.  I've been reading through the documentation, and it appears that SRM is what has the full integration.  If this is true then the question is, how do we do the upgrade the SRM from Storage Manager, or is there a direct upgrade path?  The documentation seems very vague on how to upgrade, or do we have to rip out Storage Manager in our environment, and install and configure SRM from scratch?  The other question is it really best practice to install SRM on the same server that Orion NPM is running on?  Does SRM need an SMIS provider?

      I appreciate the help on this, just trying to get more information so we know how to proceed.  Thanks!