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    Moving addition poller location




      Quite new to solarwinds and this is my first post.


      I am looking to move our additional poller to a different location, is there anything I need to do? Or am I okay to go ahead and turn it off and move it to a different location?

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          temporarily assign the nodes to the main polling engine (settings > manage nodes)

          de-activate your polling engine license from your customer portal

          install the polling engine and relevant product (npm, sam, nta, etc) related polling engine components.

          activate the license on the new polling engine

          once it shows up is your list of polling engines (settings > polling engines), you can delete the old polling engine and assign the nodes your temporarily assigned to the main polling engine to the new polling engine (settings > manage nodes)

          if the IP address of the polling engine is going to be different, then you will need to configure your devices to send traps, syslog, netflow etc to this new IP

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            Hi HolyGuacamole,


            Is the uninstalling and reinstalling all necessary? Wouldn't I be able to just turn the server off, move it over to a different site, turn it back on and change the ip address on SolarWinds somehow?