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    NPM 11.5 RC2 Now Available


      With NPM 11.0 just barely in our rear-view mirror, it is our great pleasure to announce NPM 11.5 has reached RC2 status. NPM 11.5 RC2 delivers on a ton of feature requests driven by the Thwack community, in addition to...




      One look at the new "Manage Alerts" grid tells you this isn't just a port of the old Advanced Alert Manager to the web:





      We could spend an entire post on the goodness of the new Alerting Engine- so in fact we did. If you would like to dive deeper into some of the new functionality, check out this: What We're Working On: New Alerting Engine


      Wireless Heatmaps - with client location tracking



      NPM can now display where your wireless clients are on your heatmaps.  When client location is enabled, NPM periodically polls the wireless infrastructure for client signal information.  NPM then uses triangulation and other techniques to determine where that client is on your floor plan and displays it right in your NPM web console.  As time goes by, NPM periodically polls your wireless infrastructure, recalculates location, and updates the client locations on your maps.




      Speaking of wireless, 11.5 RC also includes pollers for Aerohive, Aruba Instant AP, and Juniper/Trapeze. Check out the Manage Pollers page to apply them.


      Capacity Planning / Forecasting

      5-15-2014 6-11-11 PM.png


      NPM can now report and proactively alert on the number of days before a problem occurs. This applies to CPU / Memory / Volume / Interface




      Based on SNMP Location field, the Worldwide Maps resource will automatically place and aggregate nodes. We included new "zoom-level" aggregation logic as well.


      6-10-2014 5-15-15 PM.png


      Independent Hardware Sensor Management

      5-12-2014 7-17-05 PM.png


      Hardware sensors can be independently managed, thresholds set, or forced up. Cisco hardware MIBs are now selectable on a per-device basis


      QoE Application Discovery


      QoE now automatically discovers applications on defined sensors. This streamlines deployment and setup process greatly.




      NPM 11.5 RC2 is available for customers under active maintenance via their Customer Portal


      We'd love to hear you feedback on the new features- please let us know what you think below!

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          Bummer and disappointed!  We can't use the automatic geolocation on worldwide maps feature since it is driven off the device SNMP Location field.  This feature is unusable for us because we do not populate each and every device with the usable location info to generate long/lat coordinates.  We've defined a custom property SiteLocation which has the specific site address.   So we would much rather prefer to see this feature be expanded to provide the flexibility to designate a custom property..


          Any chance Node property variable support for filtering is provided in this release for Worldwide Map resource (https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/4880)?

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              Hi rgward


              It's possible to use the SDK to set the map location directly on a given node, we use this to place nodes on a map based on information we hold in our CMDB. The perl to do carry this out is really easy:


              sub set_worldmap_location {

                  my ( $self, $node_id, $lat, $long ) = @_;


                  my $data = $self->{_swis}->Update($self->{_swis_url} . "/Orion.Nodes/NodeID=$node_id/WorldMap.Point", {Latitude => $lat, Longitude => $long} );

                  return $data;


              Should not be a hard to read in your current custom property and translate into this way of doing things.

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              Hi Rob

              It's sure look great !!

              Comment about  bug fixing in 11.5 or  that will make legal people running to your desk?



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                Can we turn off all wireless client tracking and heat map generation?

                     I am concerned about the volume of data -- a SNMPwalk of one our smaller controllers takes well over half an hour to complete if you're pulling client data; during that time 80% of our users (students) [around 150,000 clients]  will have moved...

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                  Hey, is there any chance you've got an update on applying the 11.5 RC2 to Orion deployments with WPM installed?




                  -Jason Henson

                  Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

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                    Does anyone have any idea how you can use the Volume Capacity Forecast report content for more than one node or how the data is calculated for use in a custom table? We'd like to report on all nodes of a service and the predicted capacity so a table like the below.


                    Node     |     Volume     |     >60%     |     >80%     |     >100%

                    Node1     |     C:\     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year

                    Node1     |     D:\     |     now    |    5 months    |     > 1 year

                    Node1     |     E:\     |     3 months     |     7 months     |     > 1 year

                    Node2     |     C:\     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year

                    Node2     |     D:\     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year

                    Node2     |     E:\     |     2 months     |     > 1 year     |     > 1 year

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                        Been looking at the VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients table to see if I can utilise the data there but the numbers are 1 higher than those shown on the node page. i.e. I have a server which predicts > 60% in 7 months for C:\ but this query states 8 months. Does a month get removed by default or am I just way off on my calcs?


                        SELECT Nodes.Caption, Volumes.Caption, datediff(m,getdate(),dateadd(d,((60-PercentDiskUsedAavg)/PercentDiskUsedBavg),getdate())) as '> 60%'

                        FROM [dbo].[VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients]

                        INNER JOIN Volumes ON [VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients].VolumeID = Volumes.VolumeID

                        INNER JOIN Nodes ON [VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients].NodeID= Nodes.NodeID

                        WHERE [VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients].nodeid = 3483

                        AND VolumeTypeID in (2,4)

                        ORDER BY VolumeTypeID, VolumeDescription

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                            We take into account the time when the Capacity Forecast was calculated


                            ndays = DATEDIFF(day, <datetime when the Capacity Forecast was calculated>, CurrentDateTime)

                            DaysToRichThreshold = Floor((Capacitythreshold - Aavg) / Bavg - ndays)


                            The only one day difference in both calculations means you can get different number of months,

                            e.g. 215 days = 7 months

                            216 days = 8 months

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                          Any docs on theGeolocation SNMP Location field used the Worldwide Maps? What needs to be there to make it work?



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                              Craig Norborg

                              Ditto, I can't find anything on how to make this work.   I thought maybe the existing nodes I had manually added were interfering, so I removed them, no luck .  Tried turning the setting off and on in the Web Console settings, nothing.  Added new nodes, nothing. 


                              So, what is the magic to get this stuff working?   Does the SNMP location field need to be in a specific format, and if so, what is that format?  Are there variations allowed?


                              Personally I'd like to be able to use my SNMP location field for multiple things, such as grouping nodes in a node tree.    That means if I had to specify the SNMP location field as something like "1 main street, albuquerque, nm" instead of "NM, Albuquerque, 1 Main Street", that everything would be scattered about based on the street address number, rather than grouped by State or City...


                              Any documentation on this?   This has been out for some time with no real comment on how to use it.  I'm really hoping that you don't have to use lat/long, that would be a royal pain!!

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                                  We call out to a MapQuest web service to perform the lookup. As long as MapQuest understands the format, we are good. "Paris" may resolve to either "Paris, TX" or "Paris, France" so we just need to be specific enough to avoid ambiguity.

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                                      Craig Norborg

                                      So, how do we diagnose this?    I have it set to auto-place items on the map, but new items I've recently added aren't getting added.   I've double checked the address format against mapquest and it should work.   Should they get added to the map immediately?  After a period of time?  Trying to figure the ins and outs of how this feature works.


                                      Also, as I said before, how about allowing us to "transform" the address format before sending it to Mapquest.   I like to have node-tree's display things by location, which works if you have a list something like:


                                      NM, Albuquerque - 1 main street

                                      NM, Albuquerque - 909 Montgomery Ave

                                      NM, Las Cruces - 505 2nd street

                                      TX, Dallas - 293 Fourth Ave


                                      But if you have to have it in a format that Mapquest supports, you would end up with a list that looks more like:


                                      1 main street, Albuquerque, NM

                                      293 Fourth Ave, Dallas, TX

                                      505 2nd Street, Las Cruces, NM

                                      909 Montgomery Ave, Albuquerque, NM


                                      I would think some sort of regular expression-like ability to transform the SNMP-location in the format I want it to a format that works for Mapquest would be a great feature!!

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                                          We do populate Lat/Long tables as lookups are performed. Support ticket is likely the best path forward if we're not seeing nodes populated: http://www.solarwinds.com/support/

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                                              Craig Norborg

                                              I guess that would bring up another question, if Lat/Long tables are populated as it find the nodes (I'm guessing), I'm hoping it keeps track of if there is a change in the SNMP-location field and does another lookup?


                                              Of course ideally I would like to see in the future, if this is how its done, the ability to override and enter the lat/long coordinate directly in a way that so if you change the SNMP-location field it doesn't change these coordinates also.   Maybe a "lock-coordinates" checkbox along-side the manually editable lat/long field in the "Edit Nodes" page?


                                              I did notice there was no comment on the suggestion for address transformations too, should that be put in as a feature request?   Should the suggestion wait for the actual release of the software with the feature in it to be submitted?

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                                      This should really come with a 'do not upgrade' directive if you use any other major integration such as Web Performance Monitor.  It's alerts dissappear until its upgraded to a beta release.

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                                        One of my favorite less talked about features is volume thresholds.  Yay!  No more custom properties.  However, custom properties are still more useful because, unless I'm missing something, there isn't an easy way to bulk edit the Volume Thresholds.  For example, lets say I have a large group of servers that I want to set the C:\ Drive thresholds to 95% and the D:\ Drive Thresholds to 97%.  Right now I can't go into Manage Nodes and choose to edit only Volumes like I can with Interfaces, so that means I have to expand each server that I want to edit, select the C:\ drive, then click edit properties.  Then rinse and repeat for the D:\ drive.  Not a big deal if I just have a few, but lets say I have 20 or 30 or 100 or even 500 volumes, that's a lot of clicking and hunting and pecking just to select all of my volumes.  We really need a way to search, sort, and Group by so that we can bulk edit these like we can with interfaces.


                                        (While you are at it, please expand the Manage Nodes screens capabilities to let us Sort, filter AND Group By all at the same time.  You can only Sort and search OR sort and Group by, you can't do both.  Plus, there really isn't any filtering at all.  The Manage Nodes screen should have the same sorting, filtering, grouping, and searching abilities that the Manage Custom Properties screen does.  The Manage Nodes screen also needs to allow us to Group by Node OR Interface properties when editing Interfaces instead of only letting us Group by Node properties (and Node OR Volumes if you add a Volume drop down box as I've suggested).  As long as I'm on a tangent, we need to be able to Group by Node properties in the Custom Property editor when editing Interfaces, Volumes, or Applications.  Its funny that when editing Interfaces in Manage Nodes I can ONLY group by Node properties and when editing Interfaces in Manage Custom Properties I can ONLY Group by Interface properties.  We need BOTH  ).


                                        Seriously though, amazing features in this release, and minor gripes aside, I'm really blown away by all the new stuff you guys packed in.  If only one or two of the new features would have been added I would have been happy.  Keep up the good work, and make the Manage Nodes screen and Manage Custom Properties screen just as amazing as all of your new stuff!!

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                                          looks like 11.5 RC3 is ready for download good work

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                                            No biggie, only cosmetic, but during the upgrade to 11.5 RC3, The installer realized my license key was not updated. (Note the version in the title bar, I'm currently running v11.0.1)



                                            I also had a few alerts that were not imported.

                                            In worldmap edit mode, clicking here: 2015-02-05_15h54_50.pngbrings me to this: 2015-02-05_15h56_37.png



                                            That being said, Kudos for improvements to the Worldmap section

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                                              I haven't seen an announcement for RC3, but it's available on the downloads page.


                                              I'm very excited about the features. World Map using SNMP location is making everything a lot easier to set up some cool maps.


                                              Looks like there are still a number of issues with alerts either not triggering or (more often for me) not recovering correctly, but hopefully those will get sorted out soon.

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                                                Another issue I'm having: When sending traps from NPM, defined variables used in the template are showed as deprecated in the trap sent (not in NPM directly ) and the link given is an Oops page.

                                                .[OCTET STRING]="PropertyName" variable is deprecated in New Alerting; please see http://www.SolarWinds.com/documentation/helpLoader.aspx?lang=en&topic=OrionCoreAG-DefunctAlertMacros.htm

                                                .[OCTET STRING]="PropertyValue" variable is deprecated in New Alerting; please see http://www.SolarWinds.com/documentation/helpLoader.aspx?lang=en&topic=OrionCoreAG-DefunctAlertMacros.htm
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                                                  Craig Norborg

                                                  Was just playing around a bit on my dev server and knew I could do something quicker as a query in the Database Manager and happened to noticed that the "Nodes" table is now gone?


                                                  It seems to be replaced by a NodesOLD (which doesn't appear to be updating) and a NodesData table, which at a quick glance looks pretty much the same as the Nodes table.


                                                  Is this going to affect any reporting (ie: SQL queries) or SWQL stuff we might have done that depended on the Nodes table?   


                                                  Will this stay this way in the release, or is it just the RC that is doing this?


                                                  Just curious of the ramifications of this for when the release finally comes out and we want to transition our old server rather than our dev server...