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    Powershell   rest api update custom field




      I am battling to get to grips with the rest api.

      I am using the below PowerShell script which does not throw any exceptions

      can anybody shed some light on my dilemma


      The full story:  { I am using powershell to identify status changes in Web help Desk database, and create issues in JIRA for my KANBAN board ( Via the rest api) the response from Jira is the issue number Just created,

      I now want to update Web Help Desk "ticket custom field"   with this JIRA ticket Number.}

      any help appreciated



      $definitionId = "33"

      $restValue = "E1245"

      $uri =

      $body = @{



         $jsonBody = ConvertTo-Json $body

         $resp =  Invoke-RestMethod -uri $uri -Method Put -body $jsonBody -ContentType "application/json" 

           $cat = $resp.id

          write-host " key = $resp.id"


      after execution returns The Id of the ticket as expected, but no update happens

      I get the info I deem necessary from this command line in chrome, I also use to inspect if my update has worked

      which returns details of the ticket to viewing pane  Ticket id = 36566

      {"id":36566,"type":"Ticket","bccAddresses":null,"ccAddressesForTech":null,"departmentId":null,"lastUpdated":"2014-11.................":"TicketCustomField","definitionId":31,"restValue":"23333"},{"id":15947,"type":"TicketCustomField","definitionId":32,"restValue":"Accounting / Financials"},{"id":18080,"type":"TicketCustomField","definitionId":33,"restValue":"233332"},{"id":