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    Additional Website on Additional Poller


      Hi Everyone,


      I recently installed an additional poller in a geographically different region (Europe, I'm in North America) and I wanted to install an addition website (I have a license for it) on the same server but I was unable to. The latency isn't horrible but I though the additional website would help the user in Europe have a faster response time when navigating the site.


      I opened a ticket with support and they told me that installing the Website on the additional poller wasn't supported. Why is that? The main poller has the website installed with it?


      I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this and to see if any one knows if there is a feature request for this or not as I would like to see it added (I've never requested a new feature so I'm not exactly sure of the process). I mean, I really don't want to stand up another server and use another Windows License when this should be able to go on the same box.