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    SRM 6.0 and Storage Object Providers


      So we have both OnCommand Unified Manager Core (for 7-mode filers) and OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP in our environment and are using these as Providers in SRM 6.0 as recommended.  I am trying to set the name of the provider and the address, but they are not changing as expected.  It appears that the name that is displaying is the first array alphabetically, even though when I open the dialog to edit it the name I am entering is displayed.  Also, they were originally entered using the IP address and I would like to change them to the FQDN, but that change isn't saving at all.  Has anyone else seen this in their implementation? 


      Here's the list of Providers:


      So I Edit the first one:


      Note the Name is already different than what is displayed elsewhere.  I then enter the FQDN in place of the IP and Submit the change:


      But then the list of Providers STILL shows the incorrect name and the address is not changed: