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    Toolset Error




      Im fairly new to using Solarwinds, and the system was dropped of into my lap.  Usually I can figure things out on my own, but this one is stopping me.  Im having an issue with Toolset.  Anytime I try to make a change and something references the server name, the system errors out.  I have a feeling that its either one of two things: A) Toolset license is dead and stopping it, or B) bad information in the database.  Ive tried looking through the database, but not finding anything sticking out.


      Here is the issue that Im seeing:


      There was no response from the Toolset Service Engine located at "{hostname}:17777".


      Obviously {hostname} isnt correct.  I changed the name after pasting the error in.  Im also not sure if this section of the forum was the correct place.