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    NPM Group Account Permissions to be able to add App Monitors during node creation


      I have a 2 part question on NMP Group Account permissions...


      1st part: We have a team that does the server builds who add their builds as nodes to NPM (10.7 is the current version).  For them to be able to add application monitors during the node creation process what permissions do they need in the group account properties?  Is it 'Server & Application Monitor Settings' - 'Sam User Role = Admin'?


      2nd part:  The members of this group also have permissions in a group below it in Manage Groups (it's a large group which has all team members including those that do the builds).  In that one 'Sam User Role = User'.  If I answered the 1st part question correctly then should they only be in the group where Sam User Role = Admin or should they be ordered differently?