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    Sign Up for WHD 12.3 Beta!

    Peter Krutý

      I'm super excited to announce we are coming closer to the Beta phase of WHD 12.3! Are you interested to test new Beta? Sign here:


      Please note this Beta is over. To sign up for future Betas, please contact me directly and I'll make sure to include you.




      Note: This Beta is NOT suitable for production environment and you need a separate test system.

      In this Beta you can test:


      • Ability to manually link any ticket as a child to a parent
      • Ability to automatically link ticket using Action Rules and Tasks
      • Ability to pass data from Parent to Child tickets when child ticket is created automatically
      • Ability to pass attachments from Parent to Children (automatically and in Notes)
      • Ability to propagate Notes from Parent to Children and vice versa
      • Ability to reference tickets in Notes and some other selected text fields with "ticket <number>" or "case <number>"


      After you sign up and confirm Beta agreement, I will contact you shortly.


      Looking forward to the great feedback,