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    Logged In user info not available - UDT 3.2


      Hi Forum,


      We have a new Solarwinds implementation we have Orion Platform 2015.1.0, QoE 2.0, IPAM 4.0, NCM 7.3.2, NPM 11.5, NTA 4.1.0, UDT 3.2.0, IVIM 2.0.0. Our UDT suddenly broke, it was working fine for a week then suddenly logged in user stopped updating and UDT started killing our Domain controllers ( we were getting more then 40K logins to Domain from UDT account every 24hours). Seemed like something was stuck somewhere. We removed all DC's and related credentials and the DCs were happy again (600-800 logins only). We added all the DC's back again but UDT is now not showing any user data. The polling status shows a "Polling OK". I tried purging all data by dropping down the retention to 1 and then restored back again after a few days, still i am not getting any user info. Can anyone help so throw some pointers. Also the Polling Status is always stuck at "Checking Polling Status" see below images.