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    Need help in generating reports for acknowledged alerts!


      Hi Everyone,


      Need help in generating reports for acknowledged alerts with acktime, ackby, acknotes and alert triggered time. I have checked a couple of ways as mentioned in:


      SWQL query to return all acknowledged alerts




      But what i observe in the results is that some of the data are missing...for eg: if i have acknowledged 10 alerts on a given day, it only shows 3 or 4 in the report generated using the SQL , query whereas I am able to see all the 10 acknowledged alerts in the Audit Events under Message Center tab web console. I am confused if the data is moving out of the Alertstatus Table and getting stored somewhere else ?


      Also, I see that the Acknowledged time display' as "12/30/1899 8:00:00 AM"  from the community, i could identify that this is caused due to  "The version of SWIS included with EOC does not support the CASE expression." but i do not get a complete picture, as to how this is causing data to be missing...i am trying hard to identify the cause and fix it and would really appreciate if someone can guide me through and help me how to get the report successfully.


      Please help me ....