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    Report showing missing server volume information.


      I am new to SolarWinds and we just upgraded to NPM 11.0.1 and SAM 6.1.1. We had a server that was being monitored but not reporting volume information (we found out after it crashed) when it ran our of disk space. Is there a way to create a report that would show when the node is missing or not reporting disk volume information so this does not happen to another server.


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          you can create a report which includes a filter for where volume responding = N which would likely be all your orphan volumes.

          In the thread below I presented a custom query SWQL statement that you could put on every node page and just call volumes not responding (just change the where statement to

          WHERE nodeid = ${nodeid} AND VolumeResponding = 'N'

          and it should fill in the nodeid from the page and present only it's Volumes which are down.


          also you could switch your nodes to be WMI monitored which should be better about this and/or set up a network discovery job to run nightly to rescan these nodes and report new volumes and interfaces. A 2nd C:/ share is a giveaway that the first was orphaned.