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    Running DPA on Azure




      Has anyone had any experience of running DPA (App and DB) in Azure to monitor SQL Servers that exist physically in your data centre?


      We may be moving towards using Azure for a few of our DBs but still having physical servers in our DC with existing DBs on.


      I wondered what the overhead would be of running DPA in Azure monitoring Dc servers....

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          I've not actually created an instance of DPA in azure, but no reason you can't as long as your are spinning up a virtual machine.  I don't think you can do much with the SQL database offering YET with DPA (but stay tuned).  The tricky part of hosting DPA in the cloud and monitoring on premise instances would be network connectivity (firewalls, NATing, private IPs, and proxies).  In other words, you'd have to be able to "see" your instances from the cloud which many companies won't allow at the data tier.  Monitoring other databases in the cloud from the cloud should be fine as you have more control over the security groups and point to point access via IP address(es).  Since DPA licenses by monitored instance, you could potential have 2 installations of DPA (one cloud and one on prem) with no financial impact from licensing.

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            Update 3/22/17:  DPA now supports Azure SQL Database - see the DPA 11.0 Release Post DPA 11.0: CLOUD Databases with a side of Availability Groups, Adaptive Plans and Storage


            Update:  DPA is now available in the Azure Marketplace!  Takes about 5 minutes to deploy.

            Database Performance Analyzer on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


            You can still deploy DPA on a VM by following the information below.




            Yes, I've deployed DPA on an Azure VM w/SQL Server 2014 Web version and been able to monitor the local repository as well as databases installed on other Azure VM's.  I was not able to monitor Azure SQL - you can vote on that feature here: Monitor Azure SQL Database I did not try to monitor a on-premise database, but from the looks of the Azure networking documentation, if you connect your on-premise network to you Azure network, you should be able to monitor them just fine (and vice-versa)

            It deploys and works just like on-premise, here are some thing I did in my environment:

            • I used an A3 VM (4 proc, 7MB of memory) - this should be fine for a test, but would increase once you are in production
            • I used  VM included the SQL 2014 Web version to keep costs down, but I would prob move to the standard SQL for production
            • I switched the DPA repository to mixed mode so I could use SQL credentials.  I didn't spend the time to setup AD.  This allowed me to define the DPA repository and monitor it too.
            • For the remote SQL server, I switched to mixed mode and added a firewall rule to allow traffic on 1433.


            Let me know how it goes.  Supporting the Azure Marketplace and Azure SQL is on our What we are working on now

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              FYI: DPA now supports monitoring of Azure SQL Database and utilizing it for a repository with DPA 11.