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    invalid signature/invalid namespace errors




      I am using Patch Manager to manage the WSUS patching of our Windows server infrastructure but have a small percentage that all fail with the invalid signature/invalid namespace errors below. I have followed the procedures linked below from the Solarwinds Knowledge Base but have made no progress with resolving it. At the moment it appears to be mostly 2003 based servers causing the issue but I do have a couple 2008 servers that have the problem. Can anyone help with resolving this please? I am using Patch Manager Server 2.0.2207.2.


      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Troubleshooting "Invalid Namespace" Errors - Servers and Clients

      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Patch Manager returns an "Invalid Signature" error when you attempt configuration managemen…

      Message: Invalid namespace

      Successfully connected to WMI and retrieved operating and computer system information.SolarWinds Provider Required: True
      Microsoft WMI Redistributable Required: False
      Provisioning SolarWinds WMI Providers failed. Reason: handleremoteinstallation failed. Invalid Signature. ewException caught: [remoteinstallationclient::pushpackage failed. Invalid Signature. ewException caught: [remoteinstallationclient::pushfilecontent::pushcontent failed. Invalid Signature.], File: Remote Installation Client.cpp, Line: 1720 ], File: remote installation client cinterfaceimpl.cpp, Line: 427


      Thanks in advance!