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    automatically creating group nesting on import?


      I'm attempting to export a set of data from another tool where the subnets are grouped into a heirarchy independently of their actual subnet/supernet relationship - for example, I have many (6000+) /26 networks that serve different purposes within multiple sites that are grouped by use and location.


      Ideally I'd like to be able to import this set of relationships as-is however while the import tool does seem to allow creation of groups, it doesn't appear to let me specify their relationship to one another - despite the implied grouping data shown in the graphic on the 'Preparing to import a spreadsheet' page ... although the graphic may be from a different version of the product as the fields depicted in these images don't match those in either of the example spreadsheets available from the interface.

      I may be missing something however - are there more up-to-date example spreadsheets that I should be using?  I appear to have IPAM 4.3