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    Aruba Controller - How it works

      Now that the Wireless functionality is in 9.5 we're going to use it for our Aruba wireless monitoring.

      How do you get the ap's etc into NPM? Do you just put the controllers in and everthing else gets put


      Does anyone have any screenshots of it working as the Demo isn't working?



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          Yes, you need to put the controller in and we will poll that to get the connected thin AP's and clients.  Are you not seeing this?  What other questions do you have?

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              I added SNMP to my Aruba Controller's(4 of them) and Solarwinds 9.5 does see all the Controllers. However, it see's only maybe HALF the AP's that are on those Controllers in the Wireless Section and is reporting back incorrect data as to how many users are on those Ap's. Also, when I try to add a AP as a Node to be monitored through Solarwinds, I cannot use SNMP 1, 2, or 3 to see it. It just times out.  Any ideas?

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                  So first, please make sure you are on the latest Service Pack for 9.5.

                  So the thin AP's are not SNMP managable, you can only monitor up/down status if you want to add them to Orion via ICMP.  We gather all the thin AP stats and client details directly from the controller.

                  You might want to walk these OID's to see what the device responds back with, this is what we poll to get the Thin AP's and clients associated.

                  Aruba Controller

                    OID = ModelName


                    OID = IPAddress


                    OID = HostName


                    OID = Clients


                    OID = TotalBytesTx


                    OID = TotalBytesRx


                    OID = Client_Name


                    OID = Client_Role


                    OID = Client_TotalBytesTx


                    OID = Client_TotalBytesRx


                    OID = Client_TxRate


                    OID = Client_RxRate


                    OID = RadioType


                    OID = Type


                    OID = TotalTime


                    OID = TxRate


                    OID = RxRate


                    OID = InactiveTime


                    OID = SNR


                    OID = Noise


                    OID = Client_AssociationID


                    OID = Client_ESSID


                    OID = Client_SNR


                    OID = Client_TotalPacketsTx


                    OID = Client_TotalPacketsRx


                    OID = TotalPacketsTx


                    OID = TotalPacketsRx


                    OID = Role


                    OID = Client_IPAddress


                    OID = Rogue_CurrentChannel


                    OID = Rogue_Classification


                    OID = Rogue_SSID


                    OID = Rogue_PhyType


                    OID = CurrentChannel


                    OID = SSID


                    OID = Rogue_SignalStrength


                    OID = Rogue_Status


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                  Is there a way to turn off pulling the aruba client stats (globally)?

                  I know some people make use of this, but it's a lot of data, and I think it's causing some of the polling problems we're seeing.