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    tuhimbise ronald

      how do i work around daily availability reports to include a column for frequency of status change(number of times a node has been down for a given period of time) for all the nodes.


          NPM does not have that column on Report Writer or Orion Web Report to show the number of times that the device went down base on the time frame of the report you have selected. But this might be possible if you will just extract the data from the SQL before 7 days(default on Polling settings). Because after 7 days, all the detailed information that was polled from a node for let say availability will be average to a hourly data. So let say your node is being polled for status every 2 minutes every day. all of those data are save and all time stamp pass 7 days will be average to an hourly data. What i'm saying is this might be possible by running an availability report on Orion report writer using Custom SQL and doing a count counter on the Date and time when it went down per poll. But looking for a report like this for last 30 days or years, it is not possible as the data is already averaged to hourly and daily respectively.


            You can do this using Events data. In the web reporter, create a Custom Table resource with the following

            - data source on Event Type = Node Down,

            - add Node Caption, Event Time columns to this table. For the Event Time column, choose an Aggregation function of Count.

            - Also change the Time based settings to Yes and choose your Sampling interval (Day, Week, etc)


            this should show the number of times a node was down for the reporting time period. You can also go as far back as the Events data retention period (which is 30 days by default I think, which you can adjust in the Polling Settings section)